Being a Valuable Employee

Employers are always looking to reward employee who add more value. They are not just looking at those who add value but those who are adding more value. That means, every one of your colleague is valuable to the company but one or two of them are more valuable.

Are you one of them?

Valuable employeeBeing a more valuable employee calls for more than what is expected from you. Your employment contract states what is expected of you, but to be valuable you have to do more than those expectation.  Don’t play in the level of the obvious but at the level of the extraordinary.

That will be determined by your output. Your output will be determined by your plan. What is your plan to achieve what is expected from you? You have the qualification and experience, but do you have a plan? You can never give more than what is expected of you if you cannot achieve what is expected of you. You’ve first to prove your abilities before you can show your super powers.

Valuable employees are always organized.  They can track their progress. They never miss deadlines and if they happen to miss, they’ve valid reasons for doing so.  Excuses are never part of their vocabularies. When they mess up, they own up and accept the consequences of their actions. Even before they mess up, they always seek assistance and consult. That means they’re team players. They never fly solo but know their success is also determined by those around them.  They help others grow with them and never participate in office politics and gossips to ruin others. They don’t work to be rewarded but rewards just follow.

If you want to be rewarded, give your best and give even more.

Being a Valuable Employee

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