Why not Try for Part-Time Work in Australia?

Australia is a fantastic country to start a business, but what about immigrating to Australia in the first place. I’ve got so many friends and family looking for ways to get to Australia and to start a new life there. The most common question they ask is ‘is it easy getting into Australia in 2015?’ It used to be but things have probably changed. If you meet the criteria, based on a points system, you can live and work in Australia.

immigrating to Australia

Other people I know have found a job first and then started the process from there. The process in long, so you may as well put a year or so aside to wait out the process. And of course, there are those costs involved, even if you aren’t successful. I believe that it is best to hire the services of a migration lawyer who has all that knowledge about the admin involved.  I certainly wouldn’t attempt tacking the reams of paperwork by yourself – those police certificate, medical tests, skills assessment etc. A lot depends on age too. There is the working holiday visa which allows part-time work, but its advantage is that is works towards work experience when you want to apply for permanency later on maybe

Why not Try for Part-Time Work in Australia?

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