What to take when you move.

Moving is stressful as I have earlier mentioned. Out of the various questions to ponder over is what to take and what to leave? Moving costs if you have too much articles to move. nce you need to declutter everything.

Moving with essentials
Move easily


The best thing to do is to start over in new location with bare essentials. Now one more question comes what is bare essential. I have just made a list of the essentials and why they are needed. Here they are:

Fabric items

Fabric items do not weigh much, but cost a lot when bought new. So, it is better to take them along. The essentials are:

  • Bed-sheets and pillowcases
  • Blanket
  • Mattress
  • Daily clothing
  • Curtains
  • Other wearable’s like shoes, socks, coat etc.

Electronic items

They are cumbersome to carry over a distance, so should be disposed off at old place. However a few articles should be taken. They are:

  • Computer/Laptop
  • LCD TV
  • Tablet/Phone

Room Furnishing

Room furnishing is cumbersome to carry but very costly re-buy. Hence try to carry all that is possible. The possible articles are:

  • Sofa/Couch
  • Carpet/Rug
  • Bed
  • Cupboard which is not built in
  • Exquisite Plants
  • Paintings


There are certain articles which have emotional value and cannot be parted with. Do not forget them. They are:

  • School Trophies
  • Golf accessories
  • The vintage baseball glove.
  • Photos of family.

This I think is the bare minimum to take along to start off in the new place. Do not burden yourself with too much thought, and be clear about what is important. This will help you move Happily.


What to take when you move.