5 Ways to Minimize Stress of Moving

Even now after moving so many times, it gives me jitters. It is one of the most emotionally distressing things to do. Leaving behind the place you have lived in so many years is emotional.

It is a stressful exercise, as we tend to think of the neighborhood as a part of us. We as human beings do not like change and moving brings lots of change. But we need to get over it and some tips can help you overcome the stress of moving.

Stress of Moving

Here is how you can deal with stress of moving and make it less stressful.

  • Take care of time – Never rush into it. At least take some time before you move. Make major decisions like movers. Do not procrastinate all for last minute.
  • Plan and Organize – List out all the tasks you need to complete. Allocate time for each task, and take a weekly check. It will help you remove the stress.
  • Remove unwanted things – Categorize things you do not want to take along. You can sell them off in garage sales or store them if you cannot decide.
  • Meet friends and say goodbye – Take time off to meet all your friends and say goodbye. You can invite all friends for a party. Also visit all favorite spots and allow yourself to enjoy the moment.
  • Be prepared for the hollow feeling – However hard you try the hollow feeling will creep in. Just allow yourself to accept that.
5 Ways to Minimize Stress of Moving