Costs of moving

Coming back to Australia, we had many decisions to make. One of the biggest was obviously around removalists, possibly one of the biggest expenses you’ll have when moving. When choosing international removalists, consider it like you would the choice between Tiger Air and Qantas. One is perfectly fine if you’re going on a holiday with no onward travel arrangements etc that could be affected by delays, the other is much more sensible for a business meeting or planned holiday, where you want support and assistance if anything does go wrong (and, let’s face it, things go wrong).

use online tools to calculate your removal size

So, if you only have a few precious memories and the rest is relatively useful but un-important you may go with a cheaper company – although, I’d recommend selling most things online, you can use companies like UPS to ship smaller amounts, or even better if you can get it down to a few cases some airlines have decent deals to bring extra baggage when booked ahead. If your moving your carefully collected life, then you want a well-known mover with their own branches in the new country, one that gives good advice and support – (little things like do I really need to clean my shoes and vacuum cleaner for customs!)..make sure they have a good level of insurance and flexibility towards your move, as changes do happen. Most importantly draw up a detailed list in advance of what you intend to move, you’ll need this for quotes.

Costs of moving

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