Mobile office ideas for cutting expenses

The use of mobile offices has become a key component in reducing expenditure in a world where the use of physical offices is becoming less relevant. Most businesses will require employees to travel to job sites, clients and customers. Mobile office ideas can help such businesses. This also helps to cut down expenses as you will be faced with the possibility of eliminating fixed locations and fixed expenses. This ensures you remain competitive in the market. Going digital is one of the ways to make offices mobile. Paperless offices with no need of places to store make it possible to have an office which is mobile. Confining a worker to a cube or an office is never an excellent idea. To cut down on some expenses, you need to make it possible for your employee to work anywhere and anytime. This can be accomplished by setting up your mobile office hardware and ensuring you have the right productivity tools such as a properly working internet connection. You will also have to decide all the devices that will enable your mobile office to be efficient and learn how you can configure your systems to mobile hot-spots. These mobile office ideas will ensure that you are able to cut down on unnecessary expenses and only spend where it matters.

Mobile office ideas

Mobile office ideas
Mobile office ideas for cutting expenses

Women and Finance: A Fine Blend

Women and finance : The changing dynamics

Women and finance have been said to be poles apart by the financial experts. Women are branded as spendthrifts and shopping freaks. But it is a lie that has been preached to the society. Women have always handled home finances and have a natural knack for saving. So, women and finance are made for each other. Traditionally the male folk have earned and kept money under their control, but the dynamics are changing. More women are bringing money to homes and in some cases, they are the bread earners. The women can make changes and make their finances work for them because they know the value of money. They are also naturally multi-taskers and adept at managing many things at the same time. They take care of their homes and also earn money. The recent internet revolution has made life easier for women. Now they can work from home and earn money by working via the internet. We should give the credit to women for being the best managers at home and work.

Women and Finance: A Fine Blend

Saving on home decoration

Saving on home decoration: furniture & artwork

Decorating a home or an apartment is really expensive these days. After moving into a new place, you need to be comfortable with all amenities. However, getting the desired decor takes both time and money. The furniture and the artwork are especially expensive; even the simple ones are not cheap. So, saving on home decoration means a lot if you are on a tight budget and cannot spend freely. Thus, saving on home decoration can be broadly classified into saving on furniture and saving on artwork.

(1) Saving on Furniture – For saving on furniture, there are many things that you can do. You can buy from a budget furniture store like IKEA instead of going to a premium furniture store. Another way is to buy furniture at garage sales. You can find really good furniture, which after a bit of repair can look good in your apartment and can be dirt cheap.

(2) Saving on Artwork – Artwork is an essential part of home decor, but it is expensive. So what do you do? Well, the best strategy is to make your own art. There are many ideas you can get on the Internet. Also, you can try displaying paintings done by small children. After framing, they look awesome in a drawing room.

Saving on home decoration

Being a Valuable Employee

Employers are always looking to reward employee who add more value. They are not just looking at those who add value but those who are adding more value. That means, every one of your colleague is valuable to the company but one or two of them are more valuable.

Are you one of them?

Valuable employeeBeing a more valuable employee calls for more than what is expected from you. Your employment contract states what is expected of you, but to be valuable you have to do more than those expectation.  Don’t play in the level of the obvious but at the level of the extraordinary.

That will be determined by your output. Your output will be determined by your plan. What is your plan to achieve what is expected from you? You have the qualification and experience, but do you have a plan? You can never give more than what is expected of you if you cannot achieve what is expected of you. You’ve first to prove your abilities before you can show your super powers.

Valuable employees are always organized.  They can track their progress. They never miss deadlines and if they happen to miss, they’ve valid reasons for doing so.  Excuses are never part of their vocabularies. When they mess up, they own up and accept the consequences of their actions. Even before they mess up, they always seek assistance and consult. That means they’re team players. They never fly solo but know their success is also determined by those around them.  They help others grow with them and never participate in office politics and gossips to ruin others. They don’t work to be rewarded but rewards just follow.

If you want to be rewarded, give your best and give even more.

Being a Valuable Employee

Why not Try for Part-Time Work in Australia?

Australia is a fantastic country to start a business, but what about immigrating to Australia in the first place. I’ve got so many friends and family looking for ways to get to Australia and to start a new life there. The most common question they ask is ‘is it easy getting into Australia in 2015?’ It used to be but things have probably changed. If you meet the criteria, based on a points system, you can live and work in Australia.

immigrating to Australia

Other people I know have found a job first and then started the process from there. The process in long, so you may as well put a year or so aside to wait out the process. And of course, there are those costs involved, even if you aren’t successful. I believe that it is best to hire the services of a migration lawyer who has all that knowledge about the admin involved.  I certainly wouldn’t attempt tacking the reams of paperwork by yourself – those police certificate, medical tests, skills assessment etc. A lot depends on age too. There is the working holiday visa which allows part-time work, but its advantage is that is works towards work experience when you want to apply for permanency later on maybe

Why not Try for Part-Time Work in Australia?

Office Space for Startups

Frugal working space

Startups are a world-wide trend. It is going viral with many people challenging large companies in their sector with smaller startups. I have just hired a co-working space with my team in Brisbane.This is the best time to become an Entrepreneur. In Australia too startups are coming up at a pace not known before. The foreign investment, political stability and better infrastructure have all contributed towards the overall spring of Business startups.

The Biggest challenge

However the biggest challenge for a startup is to find office space. Office space always commands premium pricing and the big companies have grabbed the prime locations. However, the trend is changing. Even the landlords have realized that the future is bright for small business and specially startups. The only thing which is tough for the startups is the pricing of the office space. Finding affordable office spaces is becoming tougher. While just building a company, expensive office spaces can become a road block. payday247 team can help you fund a co-working place to start with for short-term.This is the reason most of the startups start from basements or garage spaces or non-commercial areas.

But this is not the ideal situation. The connectivity of cell phones in basements is a big concern, and in this age of unheralded connectivity this can push a startup back. Also other essential things like power back-up, furnishing and Wi-Fi connectivity is a must for startups. So, why do the startups need an office space in a prime location? Well it is the difference between success and failure most of the times.The office areas are well-connected with public transport and this is good for business. It is more important for a business just starting. Having a good-looking office, it is very easy to invite clients in your office. It gives privacy and sometimes is a major point in cracking the deal. The solution is having a co working space in Australia.

Office Space for Startups

Questions to ask before a start up: A real story to Understand

Coffee shop story

As I was sipping coffee at Maria’s cafe I asked her the following questions. The First Question was:

 Maria what was your intention before taking over the cafe? Maria said – I was fed up working 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. I wanted to be my own Boss. I wanted to run this cafe so profitably so that I can sell it to a potential buyer in 3 to 5 years. With that money I could start another business. Well that is a good intention. But I will not say anything now.

I asked the second Question – What were you doing before starting this business Maria?  She said – I was working as a HR manager for a multi-national company. It was a 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday job. Then I asked her – How much were you earning as a HT manager?  She said, Oh my package was $80,000 per year.

Then I asked – Maria how much time do you spend in your business as of now? She said, that from the day I started I usually come to my cafe at 6:00 AM in the morning. This is because the cafe has to be opened at 7:00 AM as the customers start walking in at 7:00 AM. We are open till 3:30 PM and sometimes till 4:00 PM. I spent another hour winding up. So by 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM I usually finish everything. Then I lock the door. Then I asked her is it safe to say that you work from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day. Not every day she said, we are not open on Saturdays and Sundays because we operate in CBD (Melbourne) and most of the offices are closed on weekends. Majority of our customers are working professionals, so we remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

I asked her – Does your landlord not charge you because you are not open?  She said, come on don’t be so stupid. Of course I have to pay for every day whether I am open or not. I said I was curious to know whether your landlord was not charging rent for not opening.

Next question was – Maria how much did you make in business last year?  She said, I have been really smart. I said yes you told me once and what makes you think you are smart once again. She said, I pay myself in this particular business. I treat myself as an employee and every hour I make sure it is added in the accounts section. The salaries are paid on hourly basis. I said OK Maria but my question was how much did you make in business last year?  She said,  I do not have any business partners. I am whole and sole in the business so any profit made is all mine. Everything belongs to me. I said, that is good to know Maria but you still have not answered my question. .How much did you make in business last year?  She then said you know what when I go spending… I said OK Maria let’s stop here. Did you file your taxes last year?  She said yes. I said, in that particular document, the one your accountant made while filing taxes in one of the pages there must be a figure “Earning for that particular financial Year”. Have you seen that? She said yes.

What was the number? She said $33,000. So I said Maria two years before you were working 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday and getting paid $80,000. You said No to that particular option. You quit your job and decided to start a business. That means you believed that you had the potential to earn more than $80,000. But here you are working Monday to Friday just like in your job, but you are not working from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM but from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM i.e. 11 hours and you made $33,000. I said Wow how smart you are!

I said Maria in business it is very clear. Either you are making profit or Loss it is all in black and white. It is my responsibility to make sure that my clients first understand whether they are making profit or not.

Let me tell you something about the money your father gave you. Do you know how much money that $250,000 could have earned itself if you had not invested in business? Do you know how much the $250,000 earned if you had kept it in a bank? It would have earned itself anywhere between 3 to 5%. If you had invested the same money in mutual funds it would have earned probably 8 to 10%. I f the same money was invested in private equity it would have earned anywhere between 12 to 15%. If you knew how to play in the share market then return would have been anywhere between 18 to 20%.

What I am trying to tell you is just by sitting in your bedroom and spending few hours in week, the $250,000 would have earned 20%. But you have ruled out all those options and started a business. First you have taken the risk and you are spending 10 to 11 hours for every single day for 5 days in a week. It also has the effect of regular headaches and body ache and stress. You are making just $33,000 every year for all that effort and risk!

Questions to ask before a start up: A real story to Understand

Invest in real estate

Invest in Real Estate

The uncertain economic swings are making the share market a risky proposition and more people are turning to real estate for long-term investment. It is the way to earn good returns without the real risk exposure of stock market. Real estate prices will go up and it will pay its own mortgage with rentals. It looks bright does it not? However there are certain things to consider before you invest in real estate.

  • 04Plan you investment – Just like other forms of investment, investing in real estate requires planning. The plan must contain what you want to achieve? That is your goal. It will also contain the actions that need to be taken to reach your goal. Take time to build a plan that will guide you all along the way.
  • Get advice from an expert – It is always prudent to get advice from an expert investor. It may be your friend or a professional. Best way is to pay to get the advice as it will ensure professionalism.
  • Stick to your plan – Real estate just like stocks have highs and lows. You just need to stick to your plan. In the long run real estate will give marvelous returns. Do not get afraid by lows in the market or enthused by highs and sell. Sell only when you are buying another property. This is the secret to success in this line of investment.
  • Keep learning about the industry – Visit fares, attend seminars and workshops to increase your knowledge base about the real estate sector. Knowledge and awareness about the current market will make you a smart investor, and enhance your profitability.
  • Work hard – The industry is meant for people who will work odd hours. You will have to work on Sundays, as this is the day most property deals are made. You will have to skip your favorite show on TV. The sector requires personal sacrifices, but once you are establish you can enjoy the fruit of success.
  • Time Management – The most critical factor for success is being on time. If you are one who values time there is no limit to your success. Just respect the scarcest resource on the planet and you will rock for sure.
  • Be true to your word – This is the last and most important thing to consider while in the real estate business. Word is what will make or break you. If your promises are true you will rise above the cloud. Be true to your word and sky is the limit.
Invest in real estate

What to take when you move.

Moving is stressful as I have earlier mentioned. Out of the various questions to ponder over is what to take and what to leave? Moving costs if you have too much articles to move. nce you need to declutter everything.

Moving with essentials
Move easily


The best thing to do is to start over in new location with bare essentials. Now one more question comes what is bare essential. I have just made a list of the essentials and why they are needed. Here they are:

Fabric items

Fabric items do not weigh much, but cost a lot when bought new. So, it is better to take them along. The essentials are:

  • Bed-sheets and pillowcases
  • Blanket
  • Mattress
  • Daily clothing
  • Curtains
  • Other wearable’s like shoes, socks, coat etc.

Electronic items

They are cumbersome to carry over a distance, so should be disposed off at old place. However a few articles should be taken. They are:

  • Computer/Laptop
  • LCD TV
  • Tablet/Phone

Room Furnishing

Room furnishing is cumbersome to carry but very costly re-buy. Hence try to carry all that is possible. The possible articles are:

  • Sofa/Couch
  • Carpet/Rug
  • Bed
  • Cupboard which is not built in
  • Exquisite Plants
  • Paintings


There are certain articles which have emotional value and cannot be parted with. Do not forget them. They are:

  • School Trophies
  • Golf accessories
  • The vintage baseball glove.
  • Photos of family.

This I think is the bare minimum to take along to start off in the new place. Do not burden yourself with too much thought, and be clear about what is important. This will help you move Happily.


What to take when you move.

5 Stressors and Ways to Overcome

Stress is caused by too much pressure. If not checked, it can lead to inefficiency and health scares.


Read on to find the common causes and easy ways to overcome them.

  • Problem 1: Running around whole day and not being able to complete the tasks assigned. Most of the times this happens die to poor management of time.

Solution: Prioritize the tasks. It is very common to do unimportant things first. So just prioritize daily. It will solve the problem of not having enough time.

  • Problem 2: Not taking time for fitness and eating too quickly can increase stress. It lessens you ability to cope with stress.

Solution: Take your time to eat. Exercise regularly. Use your anger on the sand bag. Just a few techniques will help go a long way in managing stress.

  • Problem 3: Not giving time to relax. Remember the woodcutter story. Do not become the woodcutter who labors on only to find he is doing less.

Solution: Relax and do things you like. It helps you recharge. Sharpening the axe is going to help you manage stress in a better manner.

  • Problem 4: Not accepting the reality. Sometimes you run too much and try to do something you cannot do. It gives more stress. It is a vicious cycle.

Solution: Just accept the things as they are. Every man cannot be an Ian Thorpe. Accept situations and what you are.

  • Problem 5: Not accepting change. Changing job or moving house can stress you out. These are major changes in your life.

Solution: Just accept the changes and move on.

These simple methods can help you beat the extra stress and make you a happy being.

5 Stressors and Ways to Overcome